Trash Liners

Choosing the right liner is important

Here are a few tips 

High Density

  • Measured in Micron
  • 1000th of a millimeter
  • More Stiff feeling and sounds crinkly
  • Generally available in lower gauges and more temperature resistant
  • Usually range from 6 micron to 22 micron
  • Convert micron  to mils divide the micron by 25.4 to arrive at the    true mil thickness  
  • More cost effective
  • Great choice for office and restroom waste, shredded                                    paper and in public areas where sharp trash is not deposited.

Low Density

  • Measured in Mil
  • .001 of an inch
  • Quieter and a softer feel
  • Resin is highly puncture and tear resistant
  • Usually range from .09mil to 6mil
  • Manufactured in  a wide variety of colors
  • Convert mil to micron multiply the mil by 25.4 to calculate the true micro thickness
  • Cost double than micron
  • Ideal for kitchen trash, construction debris or trash that includes glass, metal, wood, cardboard or other sharp, jagged or irregular shaped items

Low Density liner made with hexene

  • Is a linear low density polyethylene film resin
  • Merchandising bags, freezer bags, grocery sacks, ice bags, industrial          bags
  • Excellent toughness and strength
  • Versatile

Star Seal

  • Also known as xseal
  • Most commonly found seal
  • No gussets, sealed in a single spot
  • Leak proof
  • Can hold heavy or wet garbage
  • Can be used on low density and high density liners

Gusset Liner

  • Sealed on the bottom and sides are tucked
  • Can be used on low density and high density

Flat seal

  • Sealing bottom edge of liner so that there is no waste
  • Ensures no leaks
  • Holds more than 25% than a star sealed bag




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