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Our company strives to help our customers in every way possible from beginning to end. We supply samples of our elegant disposables to insure customer satisfaction. We offer special pricing for the following: Caterers, Event/Wedding Planners, Religious organizations, Non-Profits, etc. As well as discounts for our everyday customers. Please give us a call for all pricing inquiries at 845-434-4430 or send us an email to

*Please note, most items are disposable unless otherwise noted

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Colored Plates, Bowls, Cups, Cutlery and Napkins

Serving Pieces

Wasara Compostable Dinnerware

Returning to the earth what it graciously gave.

100% tree-free, renewable materials, specifically, bamboo and bagasse.

Kitchen Utensils


Choosing the right liner is important

Here are a few tips 

High Density

  • Measured in Micron
  • 1000th of a millimeter
  • More Stiff feeling and sounds crinkly
  • Generally available in lower gauges and more temperature resistant
  • Usually range from 6 micron to 22 micron
  • Convert micron  to mils divide the micron by 25.4 to arrive at the    true mil thickness  
  • More cost effective
  • Great choice for office and restroom waste, shredded                                    paper and in public areas where sharp trash is not deposited.

Low Density

  • Measured in Mil
  • .001 of an inch
  • Quieter and a softer feel
  • Resin is highly puncture and tear resistant
  • Usually range from .09mil to 6mil
  • Manufactured in  a wide variety of colors
  • Convert mil to micron multiply the mil by 25.4 to calculate the true micro thickness
  • Cost double than micron
  • Ideal for kitchen trash, construction debris or trash that includes glass, metal, wood, cardboard or other sharp, jagged or irregular shaped items

Low Density liner made with hexene

  • Is a linear low density polyethylene film resin
  • Merchandising bags, freezer bags, grocery sacks, ice bags, industrial          bags
  • Excellent toughness and strength
  • Versatile

Star Seal

  • Also known as xseal
  • Most commonly found seal
  • No gussets, sealed in a single spot
  • Leak proof
  • Can hold heavy or wet garbage
  • Can be used on low density and high density liners

Gusset Liner

  • Sealed on the bottom and sides are tucked
  • Can be used on low density and high density

Flat seal

  • Sealing bottom edge of liner so that there is no waste
  • Ensures no leaks
  • Holds more than 25% than a star sealed bag




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